CREST farewells Jean Henderson

Jean Henderson, member of Newcastle CREST passed away on 1st October 2012 and was farewelled today at Wallsend.

Jean had been a member for 17 years and had continued to actively take part in events until shortly before her death. Over the years, Jean had received recognition for her assistance with the Maitland floods and bushfire events in the Hunter region. In 2006, Jean was presented with the CREST NSW Monitor of the year award.

Newcastle CREST Secretary Dianne Elphick said “Jean rarely missed an event and Newcastle CREST does about 46 events a year”

Jean was born in Clark Street Wallsend. Her first job was at the Wire and Rope Works and she later worked at the Wallsend Hospital as a nurses aid.

Jean had four children Brad, Andrew, Timothy and Sarah. She was the proud grandmother of Jayden, Paige, Zoe and Alex.