CREST – Citizens Radio Emergency Service Teams

CREST is a voluntary emergency organisation. CREST commenced operations in September 1976 in most Australian capital cities and major towns. The initial role of CREST was to monitor the emergency frequencies on the Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS), relaying calls for assistance from the public to the relevant emergency service. This role has since grown to include many forms of specialist communications support for other emergency service and community organisations. CREST members are often called upon to provide valuable safety communications for schools and sporting clubs for events such as fun runs, bicycle rides and the like.

CREST NSW Incorporated has been recognised as a “Specialist Communications Support Unit to the Emergency Services”. This means that CREST NSW Inc can, and is, called upon by the authorities to provide communications and other support during disasters and other emergencies. CREST NSW Inc is primarily a self funded organisation and relies on donations from the public.