Four Wheel Drive Rescue Call

Sunday, 30 August 2009

17 January 2009: Newcastle CREST received a call via the channel 5 / 35 UHF CB Emergency repeater following a four wheel driving incident at Stockton Beach.

A member of the public called for help after coming across a 1974 soft-top Land Rover that had rolled and one of its occupants required urgent help. Newcastle CREST’s Tristan Blackburn took the call and relayed the details to the emergency services. NSW Ambulance, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Police Rescue & SES responded to free the occupant.

Media reports indicated that the Land Rover was on the top of a sand dune when the driver’s side wheels went off the edge and caused the car to roll. The 23 year old female passenger was believed to have been thrown from the vehicle before it rolled onto her. The woman was transferred to hospital in critical condition.

Mr Blackburn said “Our UHF repeater gives good coverage of the Stockton Beach area. We have received a number of calls from that area because most four wheel drivers have a UHF radio and call us when they don’t have phone coverage.”

Newcastle CREST monitors the 5 / 35 Emergency repeater located at Charlestown NSW. CREST volunteers keep a “listening watch”for calls of assistance from members of the public with a UHF CB radio.